'Game of Thrones' Crashes HBO Now Yet Again, Infuriating Fans

If you're a fan of HBO's epic fantasy Game of Thrones, this has been an infuriating couple of weeks.

Not only have fans been hit with a constant stream of leaks since the show premiered for its final season, but they've also been hit with the inability to watch the series without issue too.

Not to mention the complaints about how dark the show has been this season and the direction of the storyline. It is hard to come out a winner if you're working on the show.

Here in the fourth week, some fans once again faced issues when trying to start up the official HBO apps and catch the latest episode. Fans have faced errors all season on both HBO Go, the network's streaming app for those who also pay for the network's cable package, and HBO Now, its stand-alone streaming app.

While it could definitely be an error with HBO's systems, it is more likely that the flood of fans each week is just too much for the servers to overcome. The show's premiere broke a ratings record set the previous season and faced global issues with folks streaming and being hit with lags or "unknown error" messages.

"HBO Go deciding to act a fool right now is gonna make me throw the remote through the TV," one fan wrote during the premiere of episode 3 last week.

"What I have to do to See the [f—ing] streaming of [Game of Thrones] without May problem?" another person tweeted the week prior. "Every weekend it's the same thing!"

The issues with HBO's platform only compounds issues for them. Many have started to point out how easy it seems to be easy for outside sources to leak the network's programming. Each week's episode this season has leaked hours before its official premiere, either through mistakes by third-party companies like DirecTV or Amazon Prime or intentionally in foreign markets.

(Photo: Twitter)

"ANOTHER leak before the episode...anyone who thinks that it's an accident is stupid," a fan noted on Twitter. "So yea see you later everyone I'm avoiding any and all spoilers until the episode airs tonight [Game of Thrones]."

"Just [saw] a Game of Thrones leak, and I'm really sad but kind of excited, more than anything just annoyed that [Game of Thrones] can't stop leaks." another user wrote about the episode 4 leak. "I'd love to enjoy the episode fully myself, and this happens every episode."


We'll just have to wait and see if the show can refrain from leaking its penultimate episode. The odds are certainly against HBO at this point, but we'll see. They might take an extra firm stand for the close of the final season.

Game of Thrones final season airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Now.