'Family Guy': Mandy Moore Plays Quagmire's Secret Daughter

Mandy Moore made her way into Family Guy this week as Quagmire's daughter, though they met under unfortunate circumstances.

The This Is Us star joined the raunchy cartoon cast on Sunday as Courtney, an 18-year-old daughter that Quagmire never knew he had. They even share some of the same habits and predilections, which almost led to a taboo hook-up on the show.

The episode opened with Peter discovering a sudden love for party buses. He dragged his friends with him on several different kinds of party buses, from football shuttles to bachelor parties. They ended by riding to a high school prom, where Quagmire went after a student.

As the clip shows, Quagmire and Courtney discovered their relation before anything happened. He was tipped off when Courtney uttered his catch phrase — "giggity" — then administered an emergency DNA test.

The episode took an even stranger turn as Quagmire became a dedicated father. Overnight, the infamous creep became a certified "Dad," complete with cardigan sweaters, corny jokes and admonishments for his friend's raunchy humor. Meanwhile, Moore took to her character as a bright-eyed teen very naturally. Courtney and Quagmire never addressed their awkward meeting in the rest of the episode, instead forming a forced wholesome bond.

This is just the latest celebrity guest star to grace the Family Guy screen. The show has had some massive cameos over the years, and prominent stars have even played recurring roles. This week's episode paid homage to two such celebrities who passed away while working on the show: Carrie Fisher and Adam West.

One bit found Peter listing off other characters from the show to try and get out of joining Quagmire and Courtney on a camping trip. Afterward, he found that all of those characters had gathered outside of the house. That made him realize that there must be "show ghosts" among them as well.


Sure enough, Peter searched the crowd and found West and Fisher's character, Angela, shimmering blue just like the ghosts of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker at the end of Return of the Jedi. They nodded to each other, then nodded to Peter, who nodded back.

Family Guy is off for a couple of weeks, but Season 17 is not over yet. The show returns for another new episode on Sunday, March 24 on Fox.