'ER' Reunion: George Clooney and Other Stars of Medical Drama to Participate

The cast of beloved medical drama ER is reuniting next week for a special livestream in support of [...]

The cast of beloved medical drama ER is reuniting next week for a special livestream in support of the Waterkeeper Alliance. The reunion will be hosted by PEOPLE, and streamed on the outlet's social media platforms. Those that want to catch it live should tune in on Thursday, April 22 at 8 p.m. ET on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The ER reunion has paged some of the biggest stars in the series' history, including Gloria Reuben (Jeanie Boulet), George Clooney (Doug Ross), Noah Wyle (John Carter), Laura Innes (Kerry Weaver), Anthony Edwards (Mark Greene), Alex Kingston (Elizabeth Corday), Julianna Margulies (Carol Hathaway), Goran Visnjic (Luka Kovac), Paul McCrane (Robert Romano), Ming-Na Wen (Jing-Mei Chen), Laura Cerón (Chuny Marquez), Yvette Freeman (Haleh Adams), Conni Marie Brazelton (Connie Oligario) and CCH Pounder (Angela Hicks). The special has been scheduled specifically for Earth Day to benefit the Waterkeeper Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to clean water. Reuben is the president of the organization, and it was reportedly her idea to bring the cast together for a good cause.

"I am absolutely thrilled to be reuniting with my ER family for a cause that is so close to my heart, and so grateful to Seth and James for allowing us to use their incredible platform to do so," Reuben told PEOPLE. "I've been involved with Waterkeeper Alliance for 15 years, representing over 350 community-based Waterkeepers around the globe, and the work that they do is beyond comparison. We must continue to fight for clean water not just on Earth Day, but all year round!"

The reunion will not be a narrative episode of ER, but a live panel, with the cast reminiscing on the show and reflecting on its cultural impact. It will be hosted by Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley and will leave plenty of time for a Q&A with fans.

ER ran for 15 seasons on NBC, from 1994 to 2009. It was the longest-running medical drama in American TV history until Grey's Anatomy took the title in 2019. Even now, it remains a cultural touchstone and a massive influence on the world of TV as a whole.

This virtual event is not unlike others hosted throughout the last year or so, with the cast and creators of beloved TV shows hosting informal reunions to benefit a charitable cause. ER fans can find the reunion on PEOPLE or PeopleTV's social media channel's on Thursday, April 22 at 8 p.m. ET.