Emmy Winner Proposes to Girlfriend During Acceptance Speech

During the primetime 70th Primetime Emmy Awards Monday night, winner Glenn Weiss proposed to his girlfriend in an emotional speech after mentioning that his mother died two weeks ago. His girlfriend, Jan, was brought on stage and said yes.

emmys proposal
(Photo: NBC)

Weiss won for Outstanding Directing of a Variety Special for his work on the 90th Academy Awards in March.

After he accepted the award, he told the audience it was a bittersweet win because his mother recently passed away.

"Part of my heart is broken, and I don't think it will ever be repaired, but she's in me and she always will be," Weiss said. "Mom always believed in finding the sunshine in things, and she adored my girlfriend Jan. Jan, you are the sunshine in my life, and mom was right, don't ever let go of your sunshine."

Weiss then segued to his proposal.

"You wonder why I don't like to call you my girlfriend? Because I want to call you my wife," Weiss said.

The crowd then erupted in applause, and the camera cut back to Jan, who was completely stunned.

Jan was then led to the stage, where Weiss then presented Jan with the ring his father gave his mother more than 60 years ago.

"Jan, I want to put this ring on your finger that my mom wore on her finger, in front of all these people and in front of my mom and your parents watching from above," Weiss said as he put the ring on her finger. "Will you marry me?"

Weiss got down on one knee, and Jan said yes again. The two kissed, and Weiss thanked the Television Academy one more time before he left the stage.

The proposal instantly went viral, with audiences at home in tears, just like those in the theater.

"Did someone say #EMMYS PROPOSAL?" noted EW.

"This marriage proposal on the #Emmys got me all..." actress Kristen Renton wrote.

One person noted that it might be tough for any other guy to top Weiss' proposal.

"Grabs the tissue box. What a proposal," another viewer wrote.


"Have enjoyed working with Glenn Weiss as he directed my words and crazy bits on award shows for years... amazing to watch him direct that amazing proposal on the #EmmyAwards2018," one of Weiss' colleagues wrote.

Photo credit: NBC