Watch Emmys' 2018 In Memoriam Video

The 2018 Emmy Awards aired on Monday night, and now the shows In Memorium video is available to watch online, via The Hollywood Reporter.

Featuring fallen stars such as Anthony Bourdain, Jerry Van Dyke, Reg. E. Cathey, Rose Marie, Jim Nabors, John Mahoney, David Cassidy, and Burt Reynolds, the In Memorium was played to the tune of "Amazing Grace" by Aretha Franklin, who also recently passed away.

In addition to all the high-profile actors, actresses, singers, hosts, and TV personnel, former United States senator — and presidential candidate — John McCain was also included in the tribute.

Many TV fans have taken to social media to share their feelings on this years In Memoriam, with many expressing how much they miss the featured stars that passed away over the last year.

"These segments always make me sad, but this year's seems particularly awful. Such a group of wonderful, talented people," one fan commented. "A heartbreaking and beautiful tribute."

"I had to tape the 2nd half of the #Emmys so I'm just catching up. Between the proposal & the in memoriam, I'm a basket case," another person quipped. "Life is beautiful & short. It's ugly & long. We should spend it with people we love. & Also idk wtf I'm saying anymore hand me a tissue already godd—it."

Not everyone was quite as captivated by the moment, however, as some found themselves distracted by the inclusion of Sen. McCain.


As it turns out, though, McCain's inclusion is not too much of a stretch, as he did have a small number of acting credits throughout the years, which includes scenes on Parks & Recreation and 24.