'Emergence' Not on Tonight, ABC Airing Dolly Parton Special Instead

Fans of Emergence will have to wait another week to catch a new episode of the ABC drama. In its place will be a special honoring country music legend, Dolly Parton. The hour-long special, Dolly Parton: Here She Comes Again!, will share an in-depth look at her life and her music career. There will be numerous interviews from her and various artists throughout. Robin Roberts will host the event.

ABC shared a clip of Roberts' sit-down interview with Parton. Speaking about her rise to stardom, the "Jolene" singer called it a "country Cinderella story."

"I used to wonder what my life might be like when I was older, and when I looked back on my life, what it would be like," she said. "It feels good that I have been able to see so many dreams come true."

She also will document her songwriting days and where she drew inspiration from. The clip shares some of what she will say.

“Everything was music to me… if someone was hammering on the other hill at the sawmill, I’d start writing a song with that rhythm,” she explained. “I still write [songs]. I still have to have my yellow legal pads and my cassette player, and I have to order them off eBay.”

The synopsis of the seventh of episode of Emergence reads: Jo (Allison Tolman) and Chris (Robert Bailey Jr.) rush to find Piper (Alexa Swinton) before she’s put in harm’s way,” the synopsis shares. “Meanwhile, Jo faces new challenges at home after betraying Alex (Donald Faison) and Ed’s (Clancy Brown) trust.

The series debuted on Sept. 24.


This is the second time in its debut season that the the schedule was interrupted. On Oct. 22, a Diane Sawyer special called Douglas Dynasty: Fame, Addiction and Finding Home, bumped Emergence out of its time slot.

The Dolly Parton: Here She Comes Again! special will air Tuesday night on ABC at 10 p.m. ET. Emergence will return to its normal time slot for Episode 7 next Tuesday.