'Elementary' Fans React After CBS Reveals the Show Will End With Season 7

Elementary, the crime drama starring Jonny Lee Miller as a modern day Sherlock Holmes, is ending and the CBS show's fans reacted swiftly to the news.

The series finished filming its 13-episode seventh season last week. On Monday, the network and show producers announced it would be the show's last season.

"A lot of parties came together and talked about their positions on the show — both in terms of business and in terms of creative — and we all decided that this was an opportune time to say goodbye to a show that has been very, very good to us," CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl said in a statement to Deadline.

The series was created by Rob Doherty and featured Miller as a Sherlock Holmes living in present day New York City and working with Dr. Joan Watson, played by Lucy Liu. The two stars' contracts were expiring and everyone involved in the show decided it was time to put this unique version of the world's most famous fictional detective to bed.

"Rob set out to tell a story, and it feels like he has accomplished what he had set out to do," executive producer Carl Beverly told Deadline Monday. "The actors, the crew and the cast feel that way, and we feel that. So are grateful and celebrating what we had and looking forward to the future."

The final season, which will begin after a time jump, will air sometime in 2019. CBS has not set a specific premiere date yet.

Since the show had a seven-year run, with more than 150 episodes by the time the finale airs, some Elementary fans have already come to terms with it ending.

"Elementary is a great show - it's a procedural [with] thematic Sherlockian tones. Lucy Liu is fantastic," one fan wrote. "Joan has the best wardrobe on TV, full stop. And Johnny Lee Miller has been bae since Hackers. Seven seasons is a great run!"

"Props to [Elementary] upon the news that its upcoming Season 7 will be its last one. Lucy Liu was an extremely pleasant interviewee for me for Season 6; best wishes to her and her longtime Elementary colleagues," writer Jay Bobbin tweeted.

"There was a lot I liked about Elementary, but I can't get too broken up about the announcement that it will end with Season 7. Seems like it's time," Oregonian journalist Kristi Turnquist wrote.

"Devastated is an understatement of how i'm feeling that [Elementary] is ending after the upcoming season 7," another fan added. "However, congratulations to the show and everyone involved, 7 years is a remarkable achievement and not many shows get past 150 episodes."


"It's sad to hear that season 7 of [Elementary]will be its final season, but I appreciate CBS for giving us a final season to give us closure," one viewer wrote.

Photo Credit: CBS