'DWTS' Winner Nyle DiMarco Teases 'Station 19' Debut With Steamy New Photos

Station 19 will be heading to California during its Season 2 finale, bringing exciting new faces to the cast.

The ABC firefighter drama is set to introduce Dancing With the Stars winner Nyle DiMarco during Thursday's "Into the Wildfire," who will be breaking ground playing a firefighter who happens to be deaf during the high-stakes finale.

The actor and model took to Instagram ahead of the episode to tease his character's debut and also gave a peak at his firefighter suit fittings.

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"Quick selfie in my trailer before filming for [Station 19] as a Deaf Fireman! MY EPISODE IS TONIGHT!!!! TUNE IN ABC 9pm EST," DiMarco wrote, sharing a mirror selfie from his trailer giving the camera a seductive look during filming.

He also shared a video from the hair and makeup trailer as he was given a beard trim, and showed off his sculpted physique in his firefighter outfit during costume fittings.

DiMarco also shared fascinating facts about deaf firefighters in the U.S. on the caption of the post, writing: "DID YOU KNOW there are about 50 certified deaf firefighters in the United States?? That thought must seem impossible right...? Well watch tonight to find out!"

Fans of the America's Next Top Model alum took to the comments section to praise him for his groundbreaking role, and also complimented his looks.

"I love when they actually cast someone who is deaf (or visually impaired, or what have you) instead of casting actors to pretend they are this way. Love that youre(sic) playing this role!" one fan wrote.

"Help im(sic) on fire" another fan joked.

"Not sure if you're putting out fires or starting them," another user commented.

"As a Deaf person, I am telling you that youre (sic) doing alot (sic) of great things: showing hearing people that we can do anything hearing people can do except hear. In the future, I will do that too. I will ahow (sic) people that we CAN do things that hearing people can do. Nothing is impossible in the deaf community just like in the hearing community," A fourth user wrote.

As previously reported, DiMarco is set to play Dylan, a brave, talented firefighter who happens to be deaf.

Though plot details were kept under wraps, the casting news teased he new character will prove "very hard to forget" for one of the members of the Station 19 team. We won't complain if DiMarco ends up joining the cast as a series regular after the heart-pounding episode.


The season finale will also see the introduction of Dallas veteran Patrick Duffy, who will play a victim of the California wildfire's destruction.

The Station 19 Season 2 finale airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. The show has already been renewed for Season 3.