'Drake & Josh' House on Sale for 1.8 Million

The iconic house from Nickelodeon's Drake & Josh went on sale this week, and the price tag has a lot of fans wondering just how much the news station was paying Josh's dad.

TMZ reports that the asking price for the house is $1.85 million. Although the show was set in San Diego, the house itself is in the San Fernando Valley.

Josh Peck stopped by for a look at the setting of his fictitious adolescence as part of a YouTube prank by some of his friends.

Warning: Explicit language.

It turns out the house doesn't have much in common with the actual set of the Parker and Nichols household, as Peck is quick to point out. When one of his friends tells him there are five bedrooms inside, he says, "and we had to share the f— attic?!"

The house also boasts a tennis court, a pond-style pool, a brick fireplace and five bathrooms — one of which has an enormous tub surrounded by marble steps. Peck's TV character, Josh Nichols, would have been pretty pleased by that.

The Teen Nick sitcom ran from 2004 to 2007, though it's been back in the headlines this year since the two eponymous co-stars had a public falling out. When Drake Bell discovered that he hadn't been invited to Peck's wedding to Paige O'Brien, he tweeted a few disgruntled messages indirectly aimed at Peck.


"The message is clear… Loyalty is key… ALWAYS remember where you came from," he wrote, though the tweets have since been deleted.

Since then, Bell has said in interviews that the old friends managed to patch things up.