Dr. Phil Accused by Former Guests of Giving Drugs, Booze to Addicts

It's being reported that Dr. Phil and his production staff were providing alcohol to former guests of the show who were known addicts of substance abuse.

According to Page Six, one former guest, Survivor: China winner Todd Herzog, alleges that he came to the show for a taping and found a bottle of vodka in his dressing room.

Herzog, who admits to battling with alcohol abuse, claims he was completely sober when arrived to the set but was unable to resist drinking when he found himself in the dressing room with the vodka.

The former reality show contestant also says that a staff member of the show offered him a Xanax once, to "calm his nerves."

Other former guests have come out to support this claim and allege that similar situations took place with them. Some allege that they were left without proper medical attention and others claim they were helped in getting drugs while they were going through the recovery process.

"You know, I get that it's a television show and that they want to show the pain that I'm in," Herzog told reporters. "However, what would have happened if I died there? You know, that's horrifying."

Herzog appeared on multiple episodes of the show and claims that the incident with the vodka in his dressing room happened more than once.

However, he does admit that while the incident with the vodka was insensitive, he does give the self-help TV show host some credit for the progress he's made in his journey of recovery.


"I'm grateful in a lot of ways for the show. For getting me help in the nicest places in the country. That's a gift right there," Herzog said. He maintains, however, that "there should not be liters of vodka in my dressing room."

While no one from the show would agree to an interview, a representative for Dr. Phil did deny that alcohol was left in Herzog's dressing room.