'Dexter': Luna Lauren Velez Has an Idea for Season 9 Return

Former Dexter star Luna Lauren Velez is thinking about making a comeback in the upcoming reboot, and she has an idea for her potential return story. Velez played detective María LaGuerta in the drama, and in Season 7, she came pretty close to putting the serial killer behind bars. Afterwards, the series didn't exactly give fans what they were looking for in its big finale. Now, the show will return as a 10-episode limited series, and fans are hoping for a new ending that satisfies.

"I think the last season left a lot of people hungry for a better resolution," Velez told ComicBookMovie.com. "It's great that they're bringing it back. People really want to see something that feels more satisfying for them in terms of what becomes of Dexter. I'm not sure everyone's okay with the serial killer just getting away with it. I have no idea what happens, but I hope it will be fulfilling [Laughs]. That's all I can say."

An interesting idea that was presented would be to see LaGuerta come back as a ghost to haunt Dexter in his new life –– something Velez said would be worth exploring. "I need to see all of his foes come back. It's a very interesting thing to me that all the women in the show were killed. Rita, Maria, Debs...all the women died. I think they need to come back and ask him some questions. Wouldn't that be awesome?" she added.


Unfortunately, it doesn't seem Velez will be added to the upcoming reboot as Michael C. Hall currently remains the only original cast member confirmed for the update. He's joined by Jamie Chung, Clancy Brown, Oscar Wahlberg, Julia Jones, Michael Cyril Creighton, Jack Alcott and Johnny Sequoyah. As for what fans can expect, Chung says fans should strap in for a twisted ride, adding that it will be "darker" than the original. "The original series happened over 10 years ago. So there's certainly a different vibe of the way the actual show is shot in terms of the aesthetic," the actress said to PEOPLE. "I do think it's a little darker. It takes place in upstate New York and as we know from the last season, Dexter's hiding." The Dexter revival is expected to premiere this fall.