'Dateline': What to Know About the Death of Aasha Davis' Sister Lesley Herring

Monday night's episode of Dateline will investigate the disappearance of Lesley Herring, the sister of Grey's Anatomy star Aasha Davis. Herring, who's 45, vanished back in February after getting into an argument with her husband, Lyle Herring.

"I think that she — I think something terrible might have happened to her, just because I know that my sister would be in contact with us," Davis told The Early Show back in March, via CBS News. "She would want us to know where she was. She would know that we would worry about her so much. But my hope is that she's OK and that she just needs to know that we want her home soon and that we miss her and love her and that she's safe to come home."

The couple allegedly had an argument on Feb. 8, which Davis said that "according to him, they fought, he went to sleep. And when he woke up, my sister was gone." However, her husband never told authorities that she'd gone missing, nor was any help, according to the actor.

"We searched for him for almost two weeks after she disappeared," Davis explained. "And we could not get any response from him," she said. "Once he returned, he was very difficult to contact. We could contact him through e-mail, and he would choose what he would answer, what questions, and most of the time they weren't about my sister. They were only about him."


Davis has since been on a missing to uncover the case of her missing sister. A post on The Charley Project website also indicates that Herrings, car, purse, wallet, keys, identification, ATM card, cellular phone, along with two treasured gold bracelets that she wore every day, along with $26,000 in her bank account.

Back in June, Dateline also took a more in-depth look into the case of Lori Vallow and her husband Chad Daybell, who are allegedly involved in the mysterious disappearance, and later murder, of Vallow's two children. While the couple was heavily involved in a cult, their mutual friend Melanie Gibbs ended up drawing some ire from viewers over her lack of intervention, despite the abundance of warning signs they'd exhibited. Viewers can find out more about Harris' disappearance, and Davis' quest to find her when Dateline airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.