'Criminal Minds' Series Finale: Aisha Tyler's 'One Last Time' Tweet Has Fans Crying

Ahead of the recent Criminal Minds series finale, star Aisha Tyler posted a tweet about the cast's "one last time" that had fans crying. Taking to the social media network, Tyler shared a montage video of the show's 300+ episodes, and noted that the crew was going "wheels up" for the final time.

Fans were emotionally moved by the post, with one writing, "This is not real and there are shows that need to keeps running forever and CM is one of them. This not the end and I refuse to believe it."

"I’m crying like actually full on sobbing. This show has been part of my life for as long as I remember. I can’t believe it’s coming to an end," commented another fan.

"I wish there had been more "where are they going?" lines (perhaps less dancing?) Is Simmons going to write books ? Where is Reid going to teach (and what about his new girlfriend)? Is JJ going to New Orleans? Alvez and Garcia, really? The best to you in all your many projects!" exclaimed someone else.

"So sad to see you all go. My favorite show no more. And the best team ever with all of you later arrivals, I wish it wasn't true you were leaving us," wrote one other user.


"Still gutted, I hope they realise how big a mistake it was to cancel. Trying to replace it with this new FBI programme which is pretty pants! You guys have been my life for 15 years, although they’ll be no new episodes cbs can’t take away my box set of DVDs! Good luck to you all," offered a fifth fan.

"You were amazing on [Criminal Minds]! Thanks for being a part of an incredible series! I'm sad the show is over," tweeted one last fan.