'Criminal Minds': Matthew Gray Gubler Says Farewell to Spencer Reid With Heartbreaking Photo

Just like fans everywhere, the cast of Criminal Minds is also saying goodbye to characters they've spent over a decade with following the series finale. One of the show's original cast members, Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Spencer Reid, said goodbye to the show recently and showed fans exactly how he's paying tribute to his time on the show.

On Twitter, Gubler posted a photo of three of the props — Spencer Reid's ID badge, a gun, and a watch — that he's carried with him during the run of the show. He detailed that he may be leaving these items, and his time on Criminal Minds, behind, but he'll carry the memories he's made on the show with him forever.

Fans couldn't help but respond to Gubler's post to let him know that Spencer Reid will forever live on in their hearts, as well.

"and spencer reid will always be in our hearts," one fan wrote in response to Gubler's special post. "i love you my friend. thank you so much for all these years and for giving your heart for this amazing character."

"I will carry in my heart that boy who, from being shy and clumsy, has become increasingly self-confident," another fan wrote about the impact of Gubler's character. "That guy with a brilliant mind that has made people all over the world fall in love, Dr Spencer Reid."

"thank you for being the perfect spencer reid. you never fail to amaze me whether it's in front of or behind the camera and i can't wait to see what big things you have in store," yet another fan wrote.

In advance of the series finale, Gubler spoke with TV Line where he discussed his journey on the show and what he'll miss most about his time on it.


"I'll miss the people, of course. I'll miss the crew, and the cast, and everybody, but luckily I talk to them — probably more now that the show is over," he shared. "I'll also miss being on the jet. The jet was always this magical place, a small set where we all just kind of felt like we were at a sleepover and telling stories. Every day felt like a family reunion holiday, and I'm so happy I got to do that for so many years."