'Criminal Minds' Tweets Heartbreaking Photo After Series Finale

Even though the 15th and final season of Criminal Minds has come to a close, the show isn't quite done sharing in the memories. After the two-part series finale aired last night, the show's official Twitter account shared a clip from the finale, when the principle cast gathered together for a teary farewell.

While the show's fans were already a little raw over the show ending, they flooded the replies with their own personal odes to the long-running crime drama.

"I will try to soak this in," tweeted one fan. "It will take time. I can't say goodbye to my [Criminal Minds] family. It's so hard. This is the best series ever! It's the perfect ending."

"Wow, 15 years," wrote another. "Loved them all. Gonna miss you [guys] and gals each week. I enjoyed the finale. Thank you all for a great run. Health, and happiness to all. Looking forward to getting into whatever new journeys you guys take us on in all your future shows."

The series finale brought back a number of familiar faces from years past, including Jane Lynch, Ben Savage, and C. Thomas Howell. However, not everyone got a formal return. For example, both Shemar Moore's Derek Morgan and Thomas Gibson's "Hotch" Hotchner made appearances, they were both done using recycled footage from prior seasons.

Moore is currently busy playing the lead on the CBS drama S.W.A.T., while Gibson was famously fired from the series back in 2016 after an altercation on set with a producer. Gibson was directing the episode when he reportedly kicked the writer during a heated exchange over creative differences. He was initially suspended for two episodes before being let go entirely not long after.

Ahead of the Season 15 premiere last month, showrunner Erica Messer told TV Line that they were aiming to do the story justice while steering it toward a meaningful conclusion.


"What I'd love to do is honor the history of the series in some way that is satisfying for all of us, and I don't know exactly what that will be," she revealed. "As we're closing a chapter on the series, I want to be sure that we're honoring all of those people who were here and the lives that we've all been invested in for so long."