'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend': Rebecca Finds Herself in Emotional Series Finale

After four seasons of songs, love and diagnoses, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rebecca Bunch found herself after an unexpected happy ending.

The CW's critically acclaimed musical dramedy wrapped up its run Friday, giving lead Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) an ending that was far from the romantic comedy she always envisioned in her mind.

"I'm In Love" picked up on Valentine's Day, after Rebecca's Bachelor-style dates with suitors Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III), Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) and Greg (Skylar Astin) and time running out on when she had to make her decision on which man she wanted to be with forever.

With help from Dr. Akopian/Dream Ghost (Michael Hyatt), Rebecca caught a glimpse of what her future would be like with each of her suitors, though she was upset to realize that in all the scenarios she ended up feeling empty and alone.

Unaware of what was holding her back from her dream romance, Rebecca eventually realizes she will never be happy with a partner until she finds herself and her true passions... whichever they may be.

The episode then shows Rebecca breaking the news to each of her suitors that she did not pick them, as the narrative shifted to one year from Valentine's Day to Rebecca participating in an open mike night and thanking all of the friends she made along the way for helping her find real love within herself and with all of them.

After setting Josh and Nathaniel free — with the show revealing Josh eventually found love with someone else and Nathaniel quit his job at the law firm to pursue his true dreams — Rebecca tells Greg she cannot pick someone to love before she pursues her own passions.

Her dreams are revealed to her after she admits to Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) of the numerous musical numbers she has seen in her mind throughout the years. Rather than considering them a shameful secret, Paula tells her friend she has to start writing those words and feelings down, and may being a songwriter is her true dream.

In the year since Valentine's Day, Rebecca took piano and singing lessons and was seen writing her first original song. Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) proposed to her girlfriend, Heather (Vella Lovell) and her husband got a hot tub and Darryl (Pete Gardner) moved in with his girlfriend and are expecting a baby together.

The crew all gathered together for Rebecca to reflect on all the love she gathered over the years, and to share her first song ever during the open mike night, though the screen faded to black leaving all the other songs that came from her mind to fill the space for viewers.


What did you think of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend series finale? The show also celebrated its legacy with a one-hour concert special airing directly after the final episode.