'Community' Star Joel McHale Poses With Creator Dan Harmon, Fueling Reunion Rumors

Community creator Dan Harmon posted a selfie with one of the show's stars, Joel McHale this week, fueling hope and speculation of a series reunion. Community fans have long demanded that the series complete its promised "six seasons and a movie," and seeing Harmon and McHale together again got their hopes up. Judging by their surroundings, however, they were not in Greendale Community College.

Harmon's post showed him in the foreground with McHale peeking in from over his shoulder. They both wore tight-lipped, subdued expressions, perhaps because they were surrounded by shelves of raw meat. They appeared to be in a freezer of some kind, with plastic shelves nearby covered in huge slabs of red meat.

The selfie was taken at the Vulture Festival on Sunday, where Harmon, fellow writer Chris McKenna and the main cast reunited on stage for a panel. McHale and his co-stars — Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Jim Rash, Yvette Nicole Brown, Ken Jeong — all agreed that they would do a Community reunion, but only if Harmon wrote it himself.

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Did someone order the aging beef? And also all this meat that’s getting older? And also two young Hollywood creatives?

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Harmon called the constant speculation about a Community movie reunion "a weird Ouija board thing." He added: "Who is supposed to say, 'Everybody do this?' That's what I've always said. I don't know how it starts."

"I think it starts with you, Dan," Brie responded.

The cast continued to remark on the possibility of the project, confirming that they were all on-board. Harmon was the least committal of the group, though he has gone on record saying he wants to do the movie more than once. Later on, he even dropped his sarcastic humor for a moment to reveal his true feelings on Community.

"This is absolutely the thing... of which I am most proud, forever and ever," he said. "Network TV is not necessarily dead, but it's turned into a different thing with [all the] streaming platforms now. We were there with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and we were there at the end of this crazy era — the end of must-see TV."

After Community, Harmon moved on to co-create Rick and Morty for Adult Swim. Last year, the show was picked up for an incredible 70-episode renewal. At the time, Harmon's co-creator Justin Roiland told Polygon that this would allow them to drop their other projects and focus entirely on Rick and Morty, which could be bad news for the possibility of a Community movie. Harmon joked that his cartoon was a more lucrative gig for him anyway.


"Look, live-action doesn't move as much merchandise," he said. "It's 15 percent of an emotional backend."

All six seasons of Community are streaming on Hulu now.