'Chicago Med': Torrey DeVitto Teases 'Manstead' Conflict in Upcoming Episodes

The relationship between Chicago Med doctors Natalie Manning and Will Halstead will be going through some growing pains in future episodes.

While the couple has balanced their work responsibilities and their relationship so far, star Torrey DeVitto (Manning) teased the two doctors will find themselves disagreeing at work, leading to a "big issue."

"In Episode 13, you see them conflict big-time on how they think something should be handled, and it causes a big issue between them." DeVitto said in an interview with TVLine. "And then the next episode, the one that we're actually filming now, you see Natalie kind of take a stance and own herself as a woman, and just not want to put up [with] anything anymore.

DeVitto said she's excited by the upcoming episode, especially witg "what's going on in the world right now." She said she even called the writers and thanked them for giving her such a "powerful" storyline.

"It's so poignant, too, because [for] so many professionals, there is that struggle right now. We're going through that balance with men and women, and so to actually be able to speak on that and perform that was really exciting," she said.


Chicago Med aired the eighth episode of its third season Tuesday. The episode ended with Manning and Halstead in bed together, Manning asking her boyfriend to stay the night, so Halstead can meet her son.

The NBC medical drama airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

(Photo: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)