Watch Chance the Rapper's 'Saturday Night Live' Monologue

Chance the Rapper made his first appearance as host on Saturday Night Live this week, and he delivered an opening monologue the only way Chance could.

The 24-year-old rapper announced excitedly that he had pledged to donate one million dollars to Chicago public schools. The crowd cheered, before Chance cut them off.

"The only problem is, I've talked to my accountant, and I do not have it," the Chicago native said. He then suggested that he could make a lot of money fast off of a holiday hit — taking a jab at Mariah Carey, for cashing in on Christmas every year.

"I want to be the Mariah Carey of Thanksgiving," Chance declared, at which point, cast members from SNL began joining him on stage for a hilarious, gospel-style song about the joys and perils of Thanksgiving. In it, Chance lambasted every awkward family stereotype — from creepy uncles to dramatic cousins — and failed to pardon a few turkeys along the way.

Chance has adopted this gospel style in the last few years since the birth of his daughter. She was born with a heart condition called atrial flutter, which Chance says helped lead him away from drugs and back toward his roots.


It's nice to see that, despite this change in style and content, Chance can still have some fun and laugh at himself on a show like SNL.

Chance's album Coloring Book is available now.