Candice Bergen Previews 'Murphy Brown' Revival and Her 'Annoying' Character

Candice Bergen is just months away from reprising the titular news anchor of FYI on CBS' revival of Murphy Brown, and she is giving fans a preview of what to expect.

Bergen became the face of fictional TV news magazine FYI during Murphy Brown's 10-season run from 1988-1998 on CBS, and now she is gearing up to take on the role in an eleventh season of the popular sitcom. With just over a month to go before the premiere, Bergen is reflecting on her character and offering a glimpse of what fans can expect from the revival.

"I loved that she was a pest and annoying to everyone, yet she was as good at her job as the best men. Murphy was ahead of her time. She took no prisoners and was confident, competent, and fearless. That was not usual for a woman in those days," Bergen told Elle.

Murphy Brown's "annoying" personality that made her "good at her job" has been enough to launch her into the 21st century, where she will take on 24-hour cable, social media and fake news on her very own morning show, Murphy in the Morning, a morning show that Bergen says has an aim at saving the news amidst political turbulence.

"Our characters are no longer working as television journalists, because the business has become so entertainment- and Trump-driven," Bergen said. "The facts are really an option. We come back to the news with the idea of saving it."

During its initial run on the network, Murphy Brown became a fan-favorite sitcom, even being referenced by Vice President Dan Quayle's speech during the 1992 presidential campaign. It became infamous for weaving in real-life political headlines into its storyline, which featured political satire and reflections on current events.

It was the political climate of the 2012 election year the initially sparked talk of a possible revival, with original creator Diane English having been in conversations with CBS to bring the series back for several episodes. However, it was not until after President Donald Trump's inauguration that series talks began, with both former writers and cast members brainstorming ideas for a revival. CBS announced that those talks had finally led to a 13-episode revival in January, with English returning as creator and executive producer.


Along with Bergen, the series will also star Jake McDorman, Nik Dodani, Grant Shaud, Tyne Daly, Faith Ford and Joe Regalbuto.

Murphy Brown premieres Thursday, Sept. 27 at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS.