Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Why She Doesn't Miss 'The View'

It's been three years since Candace Cameron Bure's time on The View came to an end. The Full House star served in the role from 2015 to 2016 but is now taking some time to look back on her run with the daytime talk show. Despite missing the people she worked with, Bure tells PEOPLE that she doesn't miss the job. The reason for that has to do with talking about politics and all the negative headlines.

"But I don't miss talking about politics every day. I want to stay in happy land," she said. "I want to be in a bubble where I just want to be kind and respectful and love on people."

She added that she enjoyed the cast and crew involved with the show, so the decision to walk away "wasn't an easy decision." Most of it had to do with her commitments to Fuller House and all of her work with the Hallmark Channel.

"And because of the success of those, my commitments have become even greater with those shows," she added.

When the news first broke in 2016 that she was leaving, Bure said she "learned so much and I'll take it with me forever."

"This show is legendary and to think that I will have been a part of it is really incredible, so I'm very blessed and thankful for the opportunity that I had," she shared.

Bure currently finds herself front and center across many television sets across the country as the Hallmark Channel is in the midst of its Christmas movie release schedule. Bure's newest movie this season was Christmas Town.

She has said on multiple occasions that her work on the Hallmark Channel is some of the most strenuous work she has done in her career. A recent article on Good Housekeeping touched on this.


"The reality of making them is a much tougher job than Fuller House or any other series, really," she said in the interview. "This is definitely some of the hardest work that I do because they're such a grind: long hours, quick turnaround, putting on your happy face every day, and going out there to make Christmas happen."

Bure also has wrapped up filming what will be the final season of the Netfflix reboot of Full House. The final season of Fuller House, which comes out Friday, will mark the end to the iconic television series and her character, D.J. Tanner.