Candace Cameron Bure Teases 'Answers' to DJ and Steve's Fate on 'Fuller House'

Candace Cameron Bure posted a teaser for the new episodes of Fuller House, promising answers as to the fate of DJ and Steve.

The video is a montage of the couple's most earnest moments designed to tug at your heart strings.

"I've known it since high school," Steve says, "and I'm even more sure of it now: we're soul mates."

The second half of the third season drops on Netflix this Friday, Dec. 22. Previous trailers have already hinted that DJ's love life would be a huge plot point in the new batch of episodes, but Bure seems to be drawing particular attention to it this week. She even posted another video yesterday teasing a happy ending between DJ and Matt.

Bure is active on social media ahead of the big release, jumping in on fandom debates with the respective hashtags #TeamSteve and #TeamMatt.


Fuller House has become a staple among Netflix Original series. The streaming reboot of the classic sitcom has been a huge success with audiences, both old and new. It has also helped launch a trend that's catching on among networks and other defunct TV shows, with Will and Grace having an amazing revival season this year and Roseanne building up a lot of hype as it comes back for 2018.