Canceled Netflix Show Gets Another Season Following Revival

The animated series Tuca & Bertie will continue to have a second life. The cult-favorite comedy has been renewed for a third season, its second on Adult Swim. The show was initially canceled by Netflix after just one season, but a wave of fan fervor, including a very successful petition, lead to it getting picked up by Adult Swim. An official press release also confirmed that Adult Swim had secured international rights for broadcasting Season 2 and 3. The show's final two episodes of Season 2 will air on Aug. 8 and Aug. 15.

Tuca & Bertie airs at 11:30 p.m. ET on Adult Swim and the most recent season consists of 10 episodes altogether. While it will never return to its original home on Netflix, IndieWire reports that the show will be available to stream on HBO Max down the road — likely months after it airs on conventional TV.

For those new to the series, Tuca & Bertie stars Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong as its two titular characters — anthropomorphic birds in their 30s living out zany takes on the typical sitcom tropes of their generation. Other stars include Steven Yeun as Bertie's boyfriend Speckle, Richard E. Grant as Holland, John Early as Dirk, Reggie Watts as Pastry Pete and Nicole Byer as various characters. The show has been lauded for its humor but also for being vulnerable and honest about its characters' floundering personal lives — particularly their anxieties, careers and relationships.


Created by BoJack Horseman producer Lisa Hanawalt, Tuca & Bertie debuted on Netflix to rave reviews, landing a 100 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which made its abrupt cancellation all the more of a surprise. Hanawalt expressed her excitement on Twitter when Adult Swim picked up the inventive series after Netflix dumped it. "I've been a fan of Adult Swim shows since my teens, so I'm thrilled to bring my beloved fowl to the party and be a new voice for a fresh decade of absurd, irreverent, yet heartwarming adult animation," Hanawalt said in a statement. She also shared the news on Twitter. "HAPPY FRIDAY :)))))))))))))))))))))))) TUCA & BERTIE IS COMING BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she excitedly wrote, alongside a teaser poster.