'Bull' Star Michael Weatherly 'Always Game for Anything' in 'Simpatico' Relationship With Showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron (Exclusive)

Bull is now in its fifth season, and lead star Michael Weatherly is in perfect sync with the character of Dr. Jason Bull and with his showrunner, Glenn Gordon Caron. The Moonlighting creator said the two have a "simpatico" relationship, and Weatherly is "always game for anything," no matter how crazy the idea may seem. If the trial scientist is going to start lip-syncing classic rock songs, Weatherly is totally up for it, Caron said in a recent exclusive interview with PopCulture.

In this week's Season 5 premiere, "My Corona," Bull began hearing songs in his head as he learned more about how his world will change during the coronavirus pandemic. Although we later learned much of what audiences saw in the episode was actually a dream sequence and Bull's life will not be as bad as he thought, it gave new insight into the character and what he values, Caron said. The episode ended with a unique musical sequence, where the cast sang along to a David Cassidy song as they showed off the coronavirus safety measures being taken on set. In the end, Weatherly welcomed the audience back to the show.

Weatherly is "just the best," Caron gushed about the former NCIS star. "He's always game for anything." Even when Caron suggested Bull would have a heart attack at the end of Season 2, Weatherly embraced the idea. "I called Michael late one night and said, 'I want you to have a heart attack on the steps of the courthouse.' I said, 'That's what I'm writing. That's what I want to do,'" Caron recalled. "And [I fully expected] him to go, 'That's not happening. How do you come back from that? Why would I give into that? Why am I? You're out of your mind.'" Instead, Weatherly said, "Wow, that's great." At that point, Caron knew he had a "compadre" in Weatherly.

Caron, who played a role in turning Bruce Willis into a star with Moonlighting and succeeded with Patricia Arquette on Medium, noted that his history in movies and television is "finding a voice for certain actors." Even though Caron did not join Bull until the end of Season 1, he quickly developed a "simpatico" relationship with Weatherly. They stayed in touch even while the show was on hiatus from May to June. Their phone calls could last two hours. "He's just a great," Caron told PopCulture. "I always joke, if you're songwriter, you hope someday to get in business with a great singer and I feel like that's the relationship we have." Bull viewers can see more of Weatherly as the title character Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.