'Brockmire' Ending After Season 4 at IFC

Brockmire will be calling it a game after its upcoming fourth season. IFC announced today that the [...]

Brockmire will be calling it a game after its upcoming fourth season. IFC announced today that the baseball dramedy, which stars Hank Azaria as legendary sportscaster Jim Brockmire, will premiere its final season in March of 2020. The show follows the eponymous Brockmire years after a public meltdown cost him his announcing gig, and struggles not just with his career, but his drinking as well.

Along with Azaria, co-stars Amanda Peet, Tyrel Jackson Williams and Katie Finneran are all slated to return. The Flash actor Reina Hardesty has also joined the cast.

"I really loved this season in several very right and a few very wrong ways. I hope you will too," said Azaria, who is also an executive producer. True to the actor's sense of humor, he also gave another statement, but as the character of Jim Brockmire.

"Making this show has been one of the top seven joys of my life," said Brockmire. "Others include: that time by the swings with this guy Phil; my visit to the belt factory; my childhood days on the carrot farm; every time I finish a pancake challenge; that moment when you pass a porta-potty and it really stinks then finally you get far enough away from it where you don't smell it anymore and just normal air seems like sweet, sweet perfume to you."

The character of Jim Brockmire began on a Funny or Die sketch a decade ago, and quickly became one of the website's all-time classics. The series is written and developed by Joel Church-Cooper.

Azaria is a well-known voice actor who does a number of voices on The Simpsons, including bartender Moe Szyslak, Comic Book Guy, and Police Chief Wiggum -- a character who happens to know his way around a Disney power ballad.

Azaria also has a long history of conventional acting as well, having appeared in dozens of TV shows and movies across his career. He also had a lengthy character arc on Friends as Dave, better known as The Scientist Guy. Earlier this week, former Friends scribe David Crane revealed that Dave was the one who almost ended up with Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe Buffay. That decision was ultimately scrapped, and Buffay ended up with Paul Rudd's Mike.

The fourth and final season of Brockmire will premiere in March 2020. If you need to catch up, the first two seasons are available on Hulu, with the third being added next month.