'Bluff City Law' Fans Blindsided by News on Show's NBC Future

It's been announced that Bluff City Law will finish out the episodes that NBC ordered for Season 1, but after that the show's future is up in the air. This news has blindsided fans, who are now taking to social media to voice their frustration and support for the freshmen legal-drama. In a Facebook post, one fan commented, "I love this new show! NBC doesn't have many good shows to begin with. The only other one I watch is This Is us. I hope they give it more episodes!" Another Facebook user wrote, "NBC does this ALL THE TIME!!!! So tired of starting to love a show and then find out it’s getting [canceled]!!!"

"Really disappointed," someone else offered, "This was one of the great new fall shows!! Great actors!! Jimmy Smits of course always great."

"This show is the only thing that has me looking forward to Monday night! I really hope it doesn’t end up canceled," one other fan said.

"I love this show! Jeez NBC give it a chance! I can't watch it Monday night because 10:00 is my limit, but I watch it on Demand Tues or Wed.!! Keep it," a fifth fan added.

"Was getting to like this show..good acting...but NBC keep the stupid show Superstore or Harmony (new this season) or Good Place ... and now Will and Grace-give me a break," one more upset fan wrote. "Why even put the show on at beginning of new season just to yank it after a few episodes."

"This is the only thing I watch on Monday nights, I love Jimmy Smits!! Why do you do this, I love shows like this and you want to take it off the air. Why don’t you take something like the Superstore or Good Harmony but not Bluff City I love it!!"


"I don’t know why I bother watching tv anymore. This is a great show. I’m tired of keeping s— shows and getting rid of shows that are different," a final watcher stated.

At this time, Bluff City Law is not technically canceled, as NBC is planning to wait and see how the show does in with On Demand and streaming viewers before a decision is made on whether or not to continue it.