'Blue Bloods' Teases Return of Treat Williams' Character With New Photos Ahead of Season 10

Blue Bloods fan favorite Treat Williams is stepping back into his role as Lenny for Season 10. The actor's return to the show was announced in March, but it's really setting in after the star shared photos from the set.

On Thursday Williams tweeted a bizarre photo he snapped while filming the show in Brooklyn, New York. The photo — which showed an ATM machine hung above a toilet in a stall — got fans talking for a number of reasons, not the least of which was their excitement to see him stepping back into the role.

"Love [you] one (sic) Blue Bloods !! You were AMAZING IN PRINCE OF THE CITY !! I feel like your character on Blue Bloods could be what happened to an older Danny Ciello !!" one fan tweeted.

"Is that studio or location? A+ for privacy," another fans replied.

"Can you tell us what you were doing in the dinner scene?" a third questioned.

The post came one day after Donnie Wahlberg, who also appears on the popular series, posted a photo from filming. Wahlberg's character appeared to be sitting around the dinner table with several others, including Williams'. He didn't reveal too much about what's to come on the show, but joked they were filming "Family Dinner Scene number 200."

(Photo: Instagram/@donniewahlberg)

"Now that's a selfie!" a fan commented.

"Congrats on your 10th season! My family and I absolutely love your show! We always sit down to dinner to watch it together. You guys are part of a wholesome entertaining show with a great ensemble cast and it's refreshing. We've laughed with you guys, she a tear or two with you guys, and had some deep discussions too," another fan wrote in part.

"Love you all. Great show," a third chimed in.

Williams last appeared on Blue Bloods in March. During the episode, Lenny delivered some bad news to Frank (Tom Selleck) about a journalist working on an expose on the New York Police Department. He claimed the story would reveal that Frank looked the other way while drugs funneled into the city in the 1980s. He said he wanted Frank to know what was coming before the story went to print so he could get his "house" in order.

The following day Frank got to work on a response, telling Garrett (Gregory Jbara) and Gromley (Robert Clohessy) it was urgent. Gromley suggested the gangster who opened up to the journalist was just trying to take a shot at the NYPD before dying. He noted that all the crimes he brought up were beyond the statute of limitations, but Frank knew there'd be backlash if the story went to print.

Frank and Garrett met with the journalist, Jeremy Breen (Karl Kenzler), to get some information about his source. The pair were shocked to learn that Lenny voluntarily opened up and admitted to turning a blind eye to crimes involving the gangster. After getting the information, Frank grilled Lenny about his return to New York, speculating that he was taking a farewell tour before everyone turned on him after reading the story.

Lenny lied to Breen, apparently. He was actually being a hero on one of the dates he alleged that he was doing something dirty, and Frank wanted to know why. Though he pressed the issue, Lenny declined to speak. The following morning, Frank brought Lenny in to let him know a late police officer was working on the gangster. Frank desperately wondered why Lenny lied to the journalist, but he refused.

"You know what the problem with you is? You want to believe in the good in your people," Lenny said. "That's your blind spot, Frank."


Lenny revealed that he was friends with the officer and had an affair with the man's widow. Aware that what he was doing was wrong, he moved to Florida. Lenny didn't want to be outed as a dirty cop, so he ran.

Fans will just have to wait to see where Lenny's storyline picks up when Blue Bloods returns.