CBS Skips 'Blue Bloods' Friday Due to Basketball

The Reagan family begins an extended vacation Friday, as CBS is keeping Blue Bloods off the air for another week.

Due in part to the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament, there is no new episode on Friday. In fact, the next new episode does not air until Friday, March 30 at 10 p.m. ET.

In "Close Calls," Danny's brother-in-law Jimmy (guest star Kevin Dillon) stops by after getting tied up in the mob and stealing Danny's credit card. Danny forces Jimmy to help him take down the mob with Baez's help.

Meanwhile, Frank tells Erin and Anthony to investigate his old partner, Lenny (Treat Williams), who has been accused of a crime. Jamie finally gets another story, as officer Tariq (guest star Rene Ifrah) asks Jamie to help him get a new assignment after going undercover at a mosque.

Blue Bloods fans will not have to worry about another break, as the show returns on Friday, April 6 with "Friendship, Love and Loyalty." That episode finds Danny looking into a cold case to help a woman angry about her son's murder going unsolved. Meanwhile, Eddie gets shot while on duty and Erin has to face off against her ex-husband.

Blue Bloods is now in its eighth season. The series stars Tom Selleck as NYPD commissioner Frank Reagan. Donnie Wahlberg plays his son, Danny Reagan. Bridget Moynahan stars as A.D.A. Erin Reagan and Will Estes plays younger brother Jamie Reagan. Marisa Ramirez plays Danny's partner, Baez and Vanessa Ray plays Jamie's partner, Eddie. Sami Gayle plays Erin's daughter Nicky. Steven Schirripa plays Anthony Abetamarco, an investigator in Erin's office.

Last week's episode of Blue Bloods, "Tale of Two Cities," found Danny and Baez on the case of a murdered man who had two families. The March 3 episode "Legacy," found Danny considering leaving the police department, since he has been struggling to provide for his two sons. Ultimately, his family convinced him to stay.

"Legacy" also featured a major moment with Nicky, who was sexually harassed by her boss at a new internship. She quit the job after realizing the boss did not have the best intentions at heart.


New episodes of Blue Bloods air on CBS at 10 p.m. ET on Fridays.

Photo credit: CBS