'Blue Bloods': Newly Married Eddie and Jamie Find a New Home in Season 10 Premiere

The Blue Bloods Season 10 premiere picked up a few months after the events of Season 9, with Officer Eddie Janko and Sgt. Jamie Reagan now married. Their next step is to find a place to live together, so they spent "The Real Deal" hunting apartments. Eddie was his usual steadfastness, refusing to let his connections to the Reagan family get him any advantages.

The hunt proved that the couple still does not see eye to eye on everything. In one scene, the couple went to a beautiful apartment that was priced shockingly low. Jamie knew they were only offered the deal because Jamie (Will Estes) is the son of Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and that would instantly make the apartment building one of the safest in the city. Eddie (Vanessa Ray) thought the deal was perfect, but Jamie turned the opportunity down.

"A little friendly advice from a woman who has been married twice. It's hard enough without looking gift horses in their mouths," the realtor told them.

"I bet that's true," Eddie said.

"But not for us," Jamie said.

Eddie did not look happy that Jamie passed on the deal as they left.

Later, the desk sergeant offered Jamie and Eddie a two-bedroom just outside the precinct. His mother, who lived there, is moving to Florida and he holds the lease. Jamie and Eddie took the offer, even though they would be living hear a bunch of "overly cautious" old ladies.

"Oh, you'll fit right in," Eddie told Jamie.

In the end, Jamie got to carry Eddie over the threshold to their new home.

"How about Officer Janko at work and just Mrs. Reagan at home?" Eddie asked.

"That sounds good to me."

The return of Blue Bloods on Friday means that fans can finally move on from the controversial Season 9 finale that stopped just short of showing the full wedding. It was a controversial move, since so most fans had been itching to see the two get married.

"We care for them. We're invested in their journeys and Jamie and Eddie... It's a beautiful story that has been years in the making and people like a happy ending, but at the same time, I don't want people to forget that it is a cop show," Abigail Hawk, who plays Baker on the show, told PopCulture.com of the Season 9 ending. "It is, of course, character-driven, but at the same time, you can't get away from those, the cases and the stories that have to continue happening because New York City doesn't sleep."


Blue Bloods airs Fridays on CBS at 10 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: John Paul Filo/CBS