'Blue Bloods': Jamie and Frank Clash Over Homeless Woman With Unpredictable Connection to Danny

Jamie found himself on the wrong side of his dad, Commissioner Frank Reagan, in this week's episode of Blue Bloods. The youngest Reagan son disputed an arrest report filed by a positing young fellow officer, which caught the attention of City Hall and Frank's team. Jamie's career was on the lineup until Frank discovered the shocking truth behind the homeless woman at the center of the issue.

"Fallen Heroes" started off innocently enough, with Sgt. Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Officer Hektor Valle (Bradley Tejeda) having fun quizzing each other before Valle offered to walk into a train station to pick up coffee for the two. Once there, he clashed with a homeless woman, Jill Carmago (Katie Kreisler), who tried to run off with a water bottle and bumped into her. Jamie rushed in and arrested her himself.

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Later, Frank (Tom Selleck) and his team discussed the arrest report because Valle's superior officer contested his version of events. Of course, that superior officer is Jamie. Since City Hall considered Valle a promising young cop who could be the face of a diverse new NYPD, Frank had to talk to Jamie about the situation. During their talk, Jamie was surprisingly standoffish and refused to explain why he didn't want to see Jill face serious repercussions for her actions. Jamie and Valle later clashed at the precinct. Surprisingly, Jamie's commanding officer suspended Jamie, asking for his gun and badge.

The heated situation led to a very tense family dinner, where Frank and Jamie refused to discuss what was going on. They insisted they were "fine" with the situation, and this led to a debate on honesty within the family. Eddie (Vanessa Ray) suggested the family did not have to be honest with each other about everything in their lives. When it came to Jamie's turn to share something he isn't honest about all the time, he said, "I guess I just thought trust was a two-way street around here. I guess I was wrong." Frank grumbled, "You took the words right out my mouth."

Pops (Len Cariou) tried to diffuse the situation with Jamie over coffee, but Jamie wouldn't do that. So they had to have the conversation in Jamie's hallway. Pops pleaded with Jamie to talk to Frank because Frank was worried about hurting his relationship with a son, not just a police officer. "I know we can be a bunch of nosy Nancies, but family is a resource like no other," Pops said. "Lifetimes of experience on tap... from people who are willing to listen to you with an open heart." Jamie shrugged him off and went back to working out.

It turns out that Frank didn't really need Jamie to tell him what was up with Jill. He went to Jill himself and explained that he learned how Jill served in Iraq alongside Danny (Donne Wahlberg). After serving, she hit on some hard times and began drinking. Jamie knew all of this as well and was looking out for Jill. "God knows why," Jill said. "God does know why," Frank assured her. "You're a hero." Jill couldn't see the hero within her, but Frank could. "I see the hero that kept my son Danny alive," Frank said. "So does Jamie." The two exchanged nods.

That night, Jamie visited Frank's office. Frank told him he just received a warning and will have to do some community service. Jamie thought it would be a good idea to bring Valle with him to mend things, but Frank said that's not going to happen because he granted Valle a transfer. "Because of me," Jamie said. "You know, this job has a way of remind me... with every win comes a loss," Frank said. More importantly, though, the father and son mended their own issues because they understood they each did what they had to do.

The next day, Jill showed up at the community center where Jamie was volunteering. Before Jill could leave, Danny showed up and they acted like two old friends who just hadn't seen each other in a long time. Danny asked Jill to go to rehab. She saved his life once, and he wanted to do the same. Jill agreed and the episode ended with Jamie saluting Jill as Danny led her to sign up for rehab.


Elsewhere in the episode, Danny and Baez (Marisa Ramirez) solved the murder of a comedy club owner. Eddie and Anthony (Steve Schirripa) stopped one corrupt parole officer with the help of a former corrupt parole officer Eddie arrested in the past. Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS and is available to stream on Paramount+. You can also find stream the nine seasons on Hulu.

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