'Blue Bloods': Frank Reagan Slams District Attorney for Not Prosecuting Marijuana Laws in New Episode

In this week's episode of Blue Bloods, Commissioner Frank Reagan continues to vent about the district attorney's office's refusal to prosecute non-violent drug offenders, a week after two officers were shot by one.

During last week's episode, "By Hook Or By Crook," Erin (Bridget Moynahan) and the D.A.'s office released a criminal from custody after he was arrested on a non-violent drug charge. Hours later, the man shot and nearly killed two police officers. Frank (Tom Selleck) was fuming at his daughter during the Reagan family dinner, blaming the office for not checking the criminal's violent history in Mexico.

The plot took a backseat to Danny's (Donnie Wahlberg) horrific discovery that his wife Amy was murdered. However, the plot is at the center of this week's episode, "Stirring the Pot."

In the first preview scene CBS released, Frank voices his anger and disappointment with the D.A. in his office with Garrett (Gregory Jbara) and Sidney (Robert Clohessy). Frank was angry that his office was never told about the D.A. not prosecuting marijuana laws before.

"Marijuana laws are still on the books," Frank said.

"But if the law is antiquated?" Garrett asked.

"Change the law!" Frank angrily said.

Garrett reminded Frank that the D.A. is recommending legalizing the possession of marijuana.

"So if I'm walking down the street smoking a cigar, I get a summons. But if I'm smoking a joint, I'm cool."

Sidney then asked Frank why the police should arrest people for using marijuana if the D.A. will not prosecute.

"Because we choose to do the job we were hired for," Frank said. "I'm real comfortable with that."

The second preview scene CBS released picks up after the Reagan family dinner, with Nicky (Sami Gayle) asking her mother Erin how she can just put aside her disagreements with her father during the dinner.

"Every once in awhile, as often as we can, dinner needs to be a green zone," Erin said.

In the final clip, Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) meet up at a hospital, after Officer Ramos is shot. Ramos' partner said Jamie made the right call to send Ramos in during a hostage situation, but young sergeant is not so sure.

Eddie told Jamie not to "armchair quarterback" himself, insisting he did the right thing.

"Tell that to Ramos," Jamie replied.

"Stirring the Pot" also sees Danny risking his job to save a friend from losing his badge. Erin also gets in an argument with Gov. Mendez (David Zayas) over questionable sex-trafficking laws.


New episodes of Blue Bloods air on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. After this week, Blue Bloods is off for a week and returns on Nov. 30.

Photo credit: CBS