'Blue Bloods' Fans Continue to Swarm Show's Twitter Account for Short Wedding Scene

Wedding bells were ringing during Friday's episode of Blue Bloods. Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie Reagon (Will Estes) finally walked down the aisle during the season finale, and while fans had been waiting some time for Jamko to tie the knot, some weren't thrilled with how their big day played out.

The Blue Bloods Twitter account has been flooded with reactions from fans angry about how short the wedding was — which isn't something you hear every day. The wedding closed out the episode, with the screen fading to black before Eddie and Jamie could even say "I do," which didn't sit right with many fans.

"Glad I'm not a fan of theirs because I'd have been mad that this is the wedding you gave the fans," one Twitter user wrote.

"Yup, that's all we got! Big Disappointment!" another wrote.

"I don't think I've ever seen a wedding episode end before the bride even makes it all the way down the aisle," a third commented.

"Really that's the best you could do [CBS]? Might have been the worst episode ever ...And should have been the best," another tweeted.

"I loved it all...until the [fade] to black. Please tell me there will be some of the wedding and reception in September...," a fifth disgruntled fan wrote.

The wedding was due to be the first in Blue Bloods' history. Jamie's surviving siblings, A.D.A. Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) and Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) were married before the shows timeline. Danny's wife, Linda (Amy Carlson) died before Season 8 started, and Erin is now divorced. Eddie is now the only married Reagan sibling.

Fans have been waiting for Eddie and Jamie to get married since the pair came together in Season 4. The on-screen couple tried to maintain a professional relationship for some time, but eventually couldn't deny their love. After Jamie saved Eddie's life in Season 8, the couple got engaged, and the rest was history.

CBS hasn't addressed the backlash, but Variety reported in April that the show was renewed by the network for Season 10. Fans are holding out hope the show will open back at the wedding, and they'll get the moment they waited so long for. Nothing has been revealed about Season 10 of Blue Bloods at this time. Viewers will just have to tune in and find out when the show finally makes it's return.


It's unclear when Blue Bloods will return.