'Blue Bloods' Fans Divided on Jamie and Eddie Riding Together as an Engaged Couple

During the Blue Bloods season nine premiere Friday night, fans were divided over Jamie and Eddie's [...]

During the Blue Bloods season nine premiere Friday night, fans were divided over Jamie and Eddie's insistence on riding together as an engaged couple, against Commissioner Frank Reagan's wishes.

Early in the episode, Eddie's (Vanessa Ray) life was put in danger when she rushed into a building on fire to save a life. The firefighters did not want Jamie (Will Estes) intruding, but he rushed in anyway.

Of course, Frank (Tom Selleck) does not want his son Jamie and Eddie to continue as partners on the job. Jamie knows there are no regulations barring engaged couples from serving together, but it is an unwritten NYPD rule that they do not.

Early on, Jamie confronted his father in his office after a confrontation with a firefighter after trying to save Eddie.

"You're asking me to bend the rules for you," Frank told Jamie.

"There are no rules, dad!" Jamie replied.

"There isn't a commanding officer in this city who would keep two people who are engaged to be married as partners," Frank said. "You know that!"

Frank believed this is why Jamie did not tell his own commanding officer about the engagement.

"Why can't you just trust my judgement?" Jamie asked.

"You're the commissioner's son and you are waiting for me to make an exception for you," Frank answered.

Jamie insisted this was not the case, but Frank was prepared. He asked his son what would happen to their children if he and Eddie were killed in the same action.

Even Eddie thought they should really not be working together. Jamie was surprised to hear that.

"I thought that's what we both wanted," Jamie told Eddie.

"I just want you," Eddie replied.

In the end, Jamie agreed to take the promotion, which means the two will be separated anyway.

Fans at home were divided throughout the episode. They could understand why Jamie would want to work with Eddie, but others knew why Frank did not want them policing in the same cruiser.

One fan said it is not right for Jamie to mix "pleasure with business."

Another fan praised Frank for "going there."

"I feel for Jamie and Frank it's a difficult thing especially when it's so personal like this," added another fan.

Another fan sided with Jamie.

"This idea that they'd be engaged to be married, and yet still riding together as cop partners — we had to address that right at the top," executive producer Kevin Wade said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly before the new season started.

"Like anybody in a relationship, you think, 'Nothing's going to change, right?' They've been together all these years, they know each other inside and out. But what they're constantly coming up against is 'Man, it has changed,'" Ray added.

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Photo credit: John Paul Filo/CBS