'Blue Bloods': Main Character Assaulted in Shocking Clash With Cop Critic

Blue Bloods showed how the changing perception of police officers has impacted the lives of the Reagans in this week's episode, "Guardian Angels." In Jamie and Eddie's story, Eddie was shockingly assaulted by a person who was arrested earlier in the episode for punching a police officer. Meanwhile, Frank had a crisis of his own when Gormley's future seemed in jeopardy when the press learned about complaints of excessive force from his days on the beat.

At the start of the episode, Officers Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten) responded to a complaint about a group of men hanging out in a park. Eddie, Rachel, and another officer were about to arrest the men for disorderly conduct when Tommy Simms (guest star Ed Squires) punched the officer who tried to arrest him. The situation escalated, but Eddie and Witten eventually arrested Simms after knocking him to the ground.

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Unfortunately, Simms' case was sped up and he went straight to arraignment. Eddie was frustrated with this and Sgt. Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) agreed. At the end of the day, as Eddie and Rachel walked to their civilian cars, Simms jumped the two of them and punched Eddie right in the eye! Thankfully Eddie was ok, but Simms fled the scene.

This situation led to a rare scene between Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamie, who felt like he put his life in danger. Danny advised Jamie to ease up and get Simms the next time he does something stupid. Jamie wondered if Danny would do the same if someone went after his late wife Linda. If this were the old days, he would've thrown the criminal off a roof, but it's not. Danny stressed that Jamie could not make it any more personal than it was. At the family dinner, Eddie arrived late and everyone was stunned to see Eddie's black eye. The family argued about the new bail laws, but Eddie really didn't want to hear it. They all tried to lower the temperature by joking about how she could get the swelling down.

Jamie and Eddie found a way to get Simms. They found him hanging out with his friends again. Jamie told everyone that Simms snitched on their favorite drug dealers. So Jamie thanked Simms for his cooperation, while Simms; friends started arguing and fighting him.

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While this story played out, Commissioner Frank Regan (Tom Selleck) had his own issue. Since One Police Plaza never got rid of old files, many of them were now public and reporters began learning about the complaints filed against Gormley (Robert Clohessy). Mayor Pete Chase (Dylan Walsh) began putting pressure on Frank to let Gormley go. At one point, Gormley appeared to agree that he needed to go, but Gormley told the mayor this was a bad idea. If Gormley has to go, the mayor has to do something to show support for police officers.

This situation set up another one of Frank's dramatic press conferences at the end of the episode. He started by reading a complaint from a civilian, only to reveal that the complaint was actually against him and was filed by a convicted rapist! Frank suggested that almost every active cop faces accusations. If they are legitimate, the officers are disciplined. But some complaints are not legitimate, like the one he read and the ones against Gormley. If these all complaints reach the public and they decide Gormley should be fired, then Gormley will be... and Frank will follow him out the door. Chase was not happy with this and left the press conference in a huff. Frank saved Gormely's job, and made life a little harder for the mayor. Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.