'Blue Bloods' Star Donnie Wahlberg Shares First Look at Season 10 With New Behind-the-Scenes Photo

Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg recently shared a first look at Season 10 of the family cop-drama, with a new behind-the-scenes photo. In the photo, Wahlberg can been seen taking a selfie while the rest of the cast sits around the iconic Reagan family dinner table.

"Shooting Family Dinner Scene number 200 today on the set of [Blue Bloods]! Hard to believe we've been doing this for 10 seasons," he wrote in the photo's caption, then adding the hashtags, "#Blessed #Thankful #BlueBloods200."

Many fans of the show have since been commenting on the photo, with one saying, "Congrats on your 10th season! My family and I absolutely love your show! We always sit down to dinner to watch it together. You guys are part of a wholesome entertaining show with a great ensemble cast and it's refreshing."

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"We've laughed with you guys, shed a tear or two with you guys, and had some deep discussions too. Ok, so my husband hasn't cried, but my daughter and I have. He always sides with Danny," the fan added. "Keep up the good work!"

"I've been watching since day one and still have watch the reruns!! I love you all!! I also love the family dynamic of the show," another person gushed.

"Congrats my lovely to you & the rest of the Reagan family for family dinner 200. It only seems like yesterday you were doing number 100," someone else said.

The family dinner scenes are a staple of Blue Bloods, and earlier this year series co-star Bridget Moynahan opened about how they are shot and what the actors eat.

"I think the first couple of seasons I didn't eat anything and then I moved into mashed potatoes, which was really bad. So for a few years there, I was eating too many mashed potatoes for four hours," she confessed. "I mean I just made bad choices for those couple years. Now I've moved to the cucumbers."

Eating scenes are complicated because if the actors actually eat they can get full very quickly and make themselves sick. For this reason, most film and TV projects avoid having the actors ingest food over and over. Blue Bloods is different, though, because the producers and actors want the show to feel as genuine as possible.

Tom Selleck, who plays Police Commissioner — and Reagan family patriarch — Frank Reagan, also spoke about the dinner scenes, saying, "Dinner scenes are long; they can be boring [to film] because you repeat the same dialogue and eat the same food — which gets pretty gamy — for eight hours."


"But not only are the characters catching up with each other, but I'm catching up with my friends," he later added. "Sometimes the director can't get our attention between takes because we're screwing around. We can get pretty silly by the end."

Blue Bloods returns this fall, with the season premiere scheduled to air on Sept. 27.