'Blue Bloods' Christmas Gifts: 6 Best Gifts Every Fan Needs This Holiday Season

While Blue Bloods might look like just another police drama from the outside, the show's longtime fans know that's only part of it. The show has built a devoted fanbase over the past decade because viewers love the Reagan family, watching them grow and learn from their mistakes and successes. It is the perfect show for the holiday season, as families get together, so it is no surprise that there are some great Blue Bloods gifts out there for fans at Christmas time.

Blue Bloods debuted in September 2010 and has anchored CBS' Friday night line-up ever since. The show stars Tom Selleck as New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, with Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and Will Estes as his children, who all have jobs serving the public. Len Cariou also stars as Frank's father, Henry, who also served as Commissioner. The show's current cast also features Marisa Ramirez as Wahlberg's partner and Vanessa Ray as Estes' partner-turned-wife. The show recently introduced Joe Hill, the son of Frank's deceased eldest son Joe Reagan and a member of the family no one knew about until Season 10. The show's 12th season debuted on Oct. 1 and all episodes are available to stream on Paramount+. If you have family members who love the show, here are some gift ideas for them, all related to the show in some way.

1. The Blue Bloods Cookbook: 120 Recipes That Will Bring Your Family to the Table

(Photo: St. Martin's Press via Amazon)

All Blue Bloods fans know that the Reagan family dinner is central to the show. In 2015, Bridget Moynahan helped fans learn how to make their own Reagan Sunday dinners with The Blue Bloods Cookbook: 120 Recipes That Will Bring Your Family to the Table. The book is a collaboration with Wendy Howard Goldberg.

$12.20 at Amazon.com

2. Blue Bloods on DVD

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Although all episodes of Blue Bloods are available to stream, some fans might appreciate owning physical editions of the show. All 11 seasons are available on DVD, with each set including exclusive behind-the-scenes bonus material. It's a great choice for those who don't want to subscribe to a streaming service.

at Amazon.com

3. Blue Blood by Edward Conlon

(Photo: Riverhead Hardcover via Amazon)

Although Blue Bloods is not technically based on a particular story, Edward Conlon's 2010 memoir Blue Blood tells a very similar story. Conlon is a former NYPD officer whose family members also served. His book shares several major events in New York City during the first decade of the 21st Century from the perspective of a police officer, from the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks to the drug trade. The book was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction and landed on the New York Times' Notable Books list.

0comments$16.51 at Amazon

4. Blue Bloods T-shirt

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Blue Bloods fans can wear their favorite cast on a T-shirt thanks to A&E Designs. The company sells two different designs, one with the full cast and another with just Donnie Wahlberg. The shirts are also available with long sleeves.

$17.50 to $23.40 at Amazon.com

5. New Kids on the Block Greatest Hits

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Long before Donnie Wahlberg began solving crimes on Blue Bloods, he was a member of the boy band New Kids on the Block. Every time Wahlberg gets to make an NKOTB reference or gets to sing on Blue Bloods, fans go wild on Twitter. No Blue Bloods fan should go without having a copy of the group's Greatest Hits album, which includes the songs "Step By Step," "I'll Be Loving You," "Cover Girl," "You Got It," and more smash singles.

$6.13 at Amazon

6. Frank Reagan Cardboard Cutout Standee

(Photo: CBS)

It's impossible to have Tom Selleck in your home unless you happen to be a member of Selleck's family. The next best thing though is the amazing Frank Reagan Cardboard cutout standee available at the CBS Store website. It measures 76" X 23" and is easel glued to the back so it is free-standing. It's the perfect gift for Blue Bloods fans who want to feel like they have Selleck standing over their shoulders during their next Blue Bloods binge. 

$44.95 at CBS