'The Blacklist' Will Say Goodbye to a Major Character Tomorrow Night

The Blacklist fans will be bidding farewell to another character on Wednesday night.

After last week’s episode ended with Nik being strangled to death at Pete’s house, a new teaser shows Tom and Liz dressed in black and looking somber, perhaps at his funeral.

“Tomorrow, we say goodbye to someone close,” the Twitter caption read alongside the photo.

Some fans used the teaser to say their goodbyes to the doctor, writing, “Goodbye Nik, it has been a long trip,” and “Bye bye Dr. Nik, I’m going to miss you!”

Others, who know the crime drama is full of twists and turns, suggest another death may be on the horizon. Since Tom and Liz are the focus of the teaser photo, some infer that the former is next to meet his demise.

“Hope it will be Tom! Kill him already,” one user wrote. Another disagreed, “If it’s Tom… my heart won’t be able to take it!”

Tom only recently returned to the mothership series after exiting The Blacklist to star as the protagonist in The Blacklist: Redemption spinoff. When NBC canceled the series after two seasons, actor Ryan Eggold reprised his role as a spy/assassin.

In season five’s premiere episode, viewers watched the otherwise light-hearted show end with Red and Dembe shooting Tom dead, though it was clearly a flash forward, a foreshadow of drama to come.


Could episode five be the night we watch these events unfold, learning what drove Red to kill off an ally?

Either way, viewers are on the edge of their seats in anticipation of The Blacklist’s new episode, airing Wednesday at 8 E.T. on NBC.