'Big Bang Theory': What the Cast Took From the Set Before the Finale

The Big Bang Theory has officially come to an end, and the cast of the iconic series has revealed what they all took from the set before the finale.

TV Line spoke with Simon Helberg — who played Howard Wolowitz — and he confessed to taking home part of his character's wardrobe.

"I took the Nintendo controller belt buckle that I wore in the pilot," Helberg shares. "It's small and indestructible and it means something to me. The character came together fully when I put on that crazy wardrobe that [Big Bang costume guru] Mary Quigley designed so brilliantly."

The most ironic part about Helberg taking the belt buckle is that Howard's "crazy wardrobe" was the one thing he was most excited to put away. "I [was] happy to have embodied that odd fella [for 12 years, but] as soon as I peeled those pants off I was happy to hang them up like the jersey of a tiny Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar]," he joked.

Kaley Cuoco — who played Penny — took the poster of two Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots in a wrestling ring that has been displayed on a door in Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon's (Jim Parsons) apartment since episode one.

"It's something that I love so much and I've looked at it for 12 years," the 33-year-old actress said. "It's always in my eyeline from where I sit in the living room set, so I'm glad I'm going to put it in my own living room so I'll see it forever."

"A lot of people want a lot of things, so I've already marked that one," Cuoco added. "It looks super random and weird, but it's overly special to me."

RajeshKoothrappali, or Raj, actor Kunal Nayyar confessed to wanting a piece of the set as well, saying, "There's a sword from The Hobbit on the wall that I'm eyeing. … I'm going to steal (it)," as reported by the Houston Chronicle.

While many of the actors admitted to taking props with them, Mayim Bialik — who played Amy Farrah Fowlerclaims to have taken nothing.

"I think I'm the only one who didn't steal anything because I thought we're not supposed to," she quipped.

Bialik went on to say that her choice not to take anything from the Big Bang Theory set stems from her time on the '90s sitcom Blossom, where the cast was prohibited from taking set pieces.


"That's the thing," the actress recalled. "On Blossom, we weren't allowed to take anything."

She eventually remembered that the Big Bang Theory set department did actually present all the cast with individual apartment doors as parting gifts, which she said she "might put that outside of my front door of my house."