'Big Bang Theory': Mark Hamill Officiates Sheldon and Amy's Wedding

Move over Will Wheaton, Sheldon and Amy's wedding got a surprise upgrade.

During Thursday's season finale of The Big Bang Theory, Amy (Mayim Bialik) is excited to secure Star Trek veteran Will Wheaton to perform the wedding ceremony in front of the couple's friends and family. A lucky turn of events, however, brings Luke Skywalker himself to the festivities.

The day before the ceremony, Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) finds a dog in his backyard and calls its owner. When he answers the door he is shocked to find out the dog belongs to Mark Hamill himself.

(Photo: CBS/Michael Yarish)

"I'm gonna need a minute," Wolowitz says as he closes the door on the actor's face and screeches with excitement.

"Thank you for finding this guy," Mark says, revealing that his dog's name is Bark.

"Bark Hamill?" Wolowitz asks.

"Yea, well I let the fans name him online," Mark admits. "He got lucky though, he was almost Honey baked Hamill. Anyway thanks so much, I want to give you a reward for finding him."

"I couldn't take your money, it's just an honor to meet you," Wolowitz says.

Mark insists, however, and tells him he'll do anything for his new friend.

"You're going to regret saying that," Wolowitz says to the actor.

Later, Wolowitz rushes into the comic book store and announces Mark will be officiating the wedding.

At the ceremony, Mark arrives and Wolowitz breaks the news to Will Wheaton that he's been replaced. The Star Trek actor later confronts Hamill about the mix-up, claiming he stayed up all night going over his notes for the ceremony. Mark thanks him and takes the notebook from him as the ceremony is about to begin.

Later, when Sheldon and Amy are busy and delay the wedding, Wolowitz encourages Hamill to stall by holding an impromptu Star Wars Q&A with the wedding guests.

When the wedding actually happens near the end of the episode, Hamill can barely contain his tears as he pronounces the happy couple husband and wife as the season comes to a close.


Along with Wheaton and Hamill, the episode featured a star-studded guest list of family members including Kathy Bates as Amy's mom, Laurie Metcalf as Sheldon's mom, Mary, Teller as Amy's father, Jerry O'Connell as Sheldon's brother Georgie and Courtney Henggeler as Sheldon' twin sister Missy.

The Big Bang Theory will return for its twelfth, and expected final, season in fall 2018.