'Big Bang Theory' Fans Go Wild For Major Character's Amazing Makeover

WARNING: Spoilers for the series finale of The Big Bang Theory ahead.

The first episode of the finale for The Big Bang Theory flew by, but it also brought a slew of major surprises for the show. Not only did we find out that Sheldon and Amy were now Nobel Prize winners, their victory led to one of them getting a new look.

After feeling a little bang to her self-confidence, Amy Farrah Fowler gets a pep talk from Raj and decides to get a makeover.

Everybody seemed to be a big fan of the new look except for the one person who it would be most important to: Sheldon. This changed by the end of the episode, of course, thanks to another pep talk, this time from Penny.

One group that wasn't upset by the look was the fans of the show.

"Amy is beautiful, I'm sure they will have her character Blossom," one clever fan wrote.

"I think I need the "Amy" haircut!" another added discussing the shorter look for Mayim Bialik's character.

"Yes!! Great look. But poor sheldon," a third fan added along with a crying laughing emoji.

"Amy's makeover is perfect. Still looks like herself and the style is believable," a fourth added.

The makeover was only the first big surprise on the two-episode series finale. It was followed directly by the reveal that the broken elevator in the building was finally fixed. Then with the second episode, we found out at the top that Penny is pregnant, with her and Leonard hiding the news from their friends.

Amy leans hard into her new look by the second episode, even going dress shopping with Penny. The whole reveal was almost too much for some fans to handle.


"I'm loving all the surprises in the [Big Bang Theory] finale tonight Loving them all so much that I don't want it to end," the

In the end, it was a finale that didn't go too far out of its comfort zone. That means it was likely satisfying for most fans of the series. And not the last time they'll see everybody thanks to that future Young Sheldon crossover.