'Better Call Saul' Star Jeremiah Bitsui on Victor Changing From Prequel Series to 'Breaking Bad' (Exclusive)

Better Call Saul star Jeremiah Bitsui reprises his Breaking Bad role as Victor in the hit prequel series, and there's no denying fans have a love-hate relationship with the character. Recently, Bitsui sat down with PopCulture.com to talk about his other AMC series — the new western crime thriller Dark Winds — and also offered some insight into how Victor changes from the upcoming end of Better Call Saul, to who he is when we see him in Breaking Bad. [Spoilers ahead for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.]

When asked about his approach to reprising the character, who is eventually killed in Breaking Bad, Bitsui explained that Victor's connection with fellow Gus Fringe (Giancarlo Esposito) henchman Tyrus Kitt (Ray Campbell) is important to understand. "In a sense, Victor and Tyrus you kind of have one which Tyrus is definitely... He's more... He carries the words across. He gets some of that across, and you have Victor who's really kind of... He's tactical, he's thoughtful, he's thinking these things through. But to answer your question, at the beginning of it, I think that I found Victor kind of finding himself in a place where he's, I don't know, maybe a little bit more new on the team, maybe somewhat elevating in his status, which he's happy about."

Bitsui continued, "And then by the end, there's a vicious part of him where I feel like he's done all this and he kind of revels in it to a certain extent. And by the end, and I don't know how much I can reveal, but this last season, let's just say, there's a boiling point with his relationship with Nacho, and you see that all the way from their first interaction up until now, which he enjoys it. He enjoys what he's doing. This is his ideal job, his dream job, if you will."


The actor then added, "I think the transition into Breaking Bad is Victor gets to a point where he's stalemate. There's no more moving up. Mike is Gus's guy, and he feels like when there's no battles or anything that's keeping him busy or this crazy drama or rivalry, he gets a little bit tired of just checking around corners. So, I think that's really where Victor is, and that's where he's going."

Finally, he encouraged viewers to make sure they "Tune in... because right when Dark Winds, we start Better Call Saul back up again. So watch both. Watch AMC. We got some great things coming up and it's exciting." Dark Winds kicked off June 12 on AMC and AMC+, with new episodes debuting weekly on Sundays until the finale on July 17. The sixth and final season of Better Call Saul — consisting of 13 episodes — premiered on April 18 and is set to return for the final six episodes on Monday, July 11.