BET Awards 2018: Police Crash Pre-Show During Live Broadcast

The 2018 BET Awards featured an odd moment during its red carpet broadcast, leaving many fans watching at home to wonder whether or not it was a stunt.

During the show, hosts Terrence J and Cassie were interviewing singer Tank when an officer walked into the frame and obstructed the shot.

"You guys are done," the guard said. "Go back [to] where you were."

"Excuse me sir, you know we're live on television right now," J said, stepping towards the guard.

Another law enforcement member, dressed noticeably differently, appeared from the opposite side of the shot and began moving the original officer out of frame so the interview could continue. Moments later the officer returned with several more behind him. The two hosts were shuffled to the side where they ended the interview.

Viewers at home were confused by the awkward encounter.

"Only at the #BETAwards will security interrupt & attempt to shut down a live broadcast," one viewer tweeted. "Officer Andrews bout to get fired."

"HOW security just shut down the live interview?? WHAT IS GOING ON???" another asked. "And Cassie tried to defuse the situation by saying that her dad is a firefighter, like that's gonna help."

"I guess the security guard wanted his camera time," a viewer joked.

"What is this I [hear] about the police or security shutting down the BET awards pre-show on LIVE TV ?!! Someone [please] explain this," a viewer asked.

"Terrance J was like WAIT SIR... WE'RE LIVE!!!" wrote another.


Elsewhere in the evening, host Jamie Foxx gave a heartfelt speech regarding XXXTentacion, who was shot and killed on Monday.

"We can't get too used to these types of things. I think we're too used to young people being killed," Foxx said. "It's like we don't even trip any more. We gotta adjust our satellite just a bit."