'Bellevue' Finale: Twitter Stunned by Sandy Driver's Death Reveal

Bellevue wrapped up its first season Tuesday, bringing to light the heartbreaking reason behind Sandy Driver's death twenty years in the past.

Through a series of clues that put the lives of Tony (Vincent Leclerc), Father Jameson (Joe Cobden) and Mayor "Mother" Mansfield (Janine Theriault) in danger, Annie and the police find out that they were the ones who kidnapped and terrorized Sandy before she died.

Annie then realizes that Adam was the one who killed Sandy, but the fact he staged her death was a clue to his motives.

Adam reveals that the night of Sandy's death, Christmas Day, he had run away from military school to be with his family. But their father stopped him from coming in and told him he had to go away, as it was unsafe for him to be around Annie.

After the rejection, a heartbroken Adam runs to the woods and hears Sandy screaming from the shack. He lets her out and gives her his jacket to stay warm, and they immediately bond over being rejected and bullied by the people they love. Sandy then tells Adam to kill her, she removes her own fingernails and gives them to him so he can tell the world why this happened.

Adam reveals he was also meant to die that night, as he intended to hang himself in the tree in front of the family's home. But seeing his sister through the window convinces him the two are linked and he always has to be around her.

Adam's story reaches a tragic end after Annie rejects him, he starts to choke her and Annie shoots and kills.


Fans on Twitter were quick to comment on the nuance behind Sandy Driver's murder, as well as to express their sadness at the end of Bellevue's first season.

The series has not been renewed for a second season at WGN America yet.