'Bellevue': Annie Finds a Connection Between Her Family and Jesse's Murder

The murders of transgender teen Jesse Sweetland and Sandy Driver on Bellevue may be connected, but the story behind the crimes is much more complex than a whodunnit.

After last week's episode, Annie Ryder (Anna Paquin) finally contacted the Riddler, using the security camera at her house that he had hacked. He finally confirms that the murders of Jesse (Sadie O'Neil) and Sandy (Angela Magri) 20 years earlier are connected, but that it wasn't the same person who committed the murders.

Annie returns to Jed (Neil Napier) in prison, who has been arrested for Jesse's murder. He tells her that the drugs they found in Jesse's room don't match the packaging his guys work with — another clue he has been framed for the murder.

(Photo: WGN America)

Annie stumbles upon Maggie Sweetland's (Victoria Sanchez) neighbor, who asks how Eddie, her ex and baby daddy, is doing.

She then sees Eddie (Allen Leech) acting strange outside the diner before driving off in a rage. Annie finds him at his house but he doesn't feel like talking. Then she finds one of daughter Daisy's (Madison Ferguson) ponytails, which looks exactly like one of the elastics used to wrap the drugs in Jesse's room. Annie realizes Eddie is involved in the mystery somehow.

Annie goes back to Maggie Sweetland's neighbor to ask what she meant earlier about Eddie, and to ask if she's seen the drugs before, but she denies everything.

During Jesse's funeral service, Maggie (Victoria Sanchez) refers to Jesse as her daughter for the first time. Neil Driver (Andreas Aspergis) — Sandy's father — interrupts the funeral, telling Maggie he knows what she did and telling Annie that no one will move on until the truth comes out.

Chief Peter Welland (Shawn Doyle) confronts Annie about following the Riddler's clues to Maggie and Neil, but she doesn't trust him and asks him once again who burned down his garage. Peter says the Riddler is controlling her and she has to snap out of it.

Annie looks for Eddie after the funeral but can't find him at his house.

She finally locates him in town and asks him how he's involved with the drugs, he claims that someone stole the drugs he was selling and planted them in Jesse's room.

Peter then interrogates Eddie, who says he'll help the police figure out who could have known he had the drugs. But he says he has no idea who replaced Jed as the drug boss after he was arrested.

Later, Peter reveals to Annie he thinks the Riddler burned down his garage after he burned the shack where Sandy was kept before she was murdered 20 years ago. He confesses he burned down the shack because he didn't want Annie to become obsessed with Sandy's murder as he and her father had.

Annie talks to the Riddler again, at first seeming like she has fallen into his spell. But she then starts questioning if he actually knows anything about Jesse. She knows he is obsessed with Sandy Driver and the spot where she was kept but questions if he knows anything other than where Jesse's body could be found. The Riddler confesses he doesn't know who killed Jesse.

Annie decides to trace his signal with the help of another cop. She follows the trail to Sandy Driver's grave, where the Riddler left his phone with a text saying, "You're not Crazy." When she gets home, Annie throws the security camera into the trash.

Eddie meets up with Maggie Sweetland's neighbor, asking her and her "boys" to leave his family alone. Viewers find out she has replaced Jed at the top of the drug chain in town.

Annie continues to believe Jed is innocent of Jesse's murder. She visits Maggie, who after taking some pills, tells Annie that Jesse was killed as retribution for what she did to Sandy Driver. But when Annie asks her what she did, Maggie passes out.

Outside the hospital, Annie tells an injured Eddie that he and Daisy should stay at her house for peace of mind.


After Daisy goes to sleep, Eddie and Annie share a sweet moment. She then goes outside and takes the camera out of the trash. She tells the Riddler she was wrong and that he does know things. But he doesn't answer her.

Bellevue airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on WGN America.