'America's Got Talent': Will Heidi Klum or Mel B Return Following Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough Exit?

It was recently announced that America's Got Talent judges Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough will be exiting the series, prompting many to wonder if former judges Heidi Klum or Mel B might return. Variety was first to share the news of Union and Hough not coming back after only being panelists for one season, and many have taken to social media to express their thoughts about the development, with many hoping to see the former judges return to the show.

"Just bring back Heidi and Mel B," one person tweeted, while someone else said, "This bites. I'm not going to miss Julianne. However, I'm sad to see #GabrielleUnion leave. I loved her as a judge."

"I am very disappointed! Everything always has to change," another person wrote, "I thought they both did very well!! Geez, Heidi Klum left Project Runway and then America's Got Talent...if she wanted to comeback to AGT, shame on them for getting rid of Julianne and Gabrielle. I wish J and G the best!"

Some fans of the show are very upset about Union and Hough not returning, with one frustrated Twitter user. "It makes no sense. The addition of Gabby and Terry was the only reason I watched last year. Much as I love him, he's not enough reason to bring me back," wrote one fan.

Another fan offered a different perspective, however: "Sounds like Gabrielle is booked and busy. Also, maybe they weren't a good fit seeing how it was only a season they were there. I don't think there's anything outrageous taking place."


Notably, executive producer and judge Simon Cowell, as well as comedian Howie Mandel and new host Terry Crews are all expected to return for the next season of America's Got Talent.

At this time, neither Hough nor Union appear to have publicly commented on the news.