The Gronkowskis Challenge Alex Rodriguez to Game of Flip Cup on 'Shark Tank'

During his first appearance on ABC's Shark Tank, Alex Rodriguez was challenged by all five Gronkowski brothers to a game of flip cup.

For those who don't know, Shark Tank is a show where wealthy entrepreneurs decided on whether or not to invest in products that are pitched to them. In this case, NFL star Rob Gronkowski and his brothers — Chris, Dan, Glenn and Gordie Jr. — pitched the "Ice Shaker," which is a specialized stainless steel shaker bottle that holds ice for up to 30 hours.

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To promote the product, the Gronkowskis squared off against the Sharks in a game of flip cup. After an intense battle, the Gronkowskis managed to pull off the victory.

While this was the most engaging part of the pitch, the Gronkowskis then explained what they were hoping to receive from the Sharks. The brothers said that they were asking for $100k for a 10 percent equity in their product. They also explained that they didn't want to put the Gronkowski name on the product because they want the "Ice Shaker" to sell on its own merit.

Rodriguez, who is currently dating Jennifer Lopez, was immediately intrigued and wanted to invest along with Mark Cuban. However, they wanted 20 percent equity for a $150,000 investment.

After discussing as a group, the Gronkowskis agreed to work with Cuban and Rodriguez.


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As for Rodriguez, he was not only making his first appearance on the show as one of the Sharks, but he was also the first Hispanic Shark in the show's history, according to Sports Illustrated.