Alec Baldwin Mocks His Parking Lot Arrest on 'SNL'

This week's Saturday Night Live cold open featured the usual mocking of President Donald Trump, bu Alec Baldwin took a moment to tease himself as well.

Baldwin was in character as the president for nearly seven minutes this weekend, delivering dialogue with other caricatures of world leaders and public figures. Toward the end, however, the actor found time to tease himself for his recent arrest over a New York City parking spot.

The actor was taken into custody by the NYPD on Friday, Nov. 2 when he allegedly struck another driver over a parking spot. The altercation got very heated, yet Baldwin seemed to be in good humor as he made fun of himself this weekend. In the middle of a solo monologue, he switched characters for one line and one camera take.

"God, I haven't been this upset since I flipped out over that parking space," he said casually. Baldwin then gave the audience a second to catch up with the line, which received delayed laughter. He puckered his lips and tensed his face in one of his signature expressions for his presidential impression.

Outside of Baldwin's personal embarrassment, the skit focused primarily on the president's predicament. The special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller is closing in on results, and the team at SNL is assuming that the president is nervous. In addition, he is currently in Argentina for the G20 Summit, surrounded by other world leaders.

Two of those leaders featured in the skit -- Beck Bennett as Vladimir Putin and Fred Armisen as the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Both came out to mock President Trump even further while also taking jabs at their own alleged activities.

At one point, Putin even predicted what is next for President Trump, stating that "I prefer presidents who don't get indicted."

As for Baldwin himself, legal consequences could be coming up as well. According to a report by The Blast, the actor was arraigned last week on charges of attempted assault in the 3rd degree and harassment in the 2nd degree. The former is a misdemeanor, while the later is a violation.

“I observed the defendant push me and then strike me across the left side of my face with his closed right hand, resulting in pain to my face,” reads the complaint by the alleged victim. Baldwin reportedly admitted to pushing the man while speaking to police.


“He’s an asshole. He stole my spot,” he said, adding: “I did push him.”

The arrest took place outside of Baldwin's luxury apartment building in Manhattan. The president and his son, Donald Trump Jr., had witty responses on the day of Baldwin's arrest, though they have yet to remark on this weekend's cold open.