'9-1-1' Celebrates Valentine's Day Early With 'Scorned Woman' Emergency

9-1-1 fans learned a valuable lesson during this week's Valentine's Day episode: don't break the heart of someone with crazy eyes.

One of the emergencies during the hour involved a woman and her boyfriend celebrating Valentine's Day at her house. She's disappointed when the man gives her a a box of chocolates for the holiday, as opposed to the diamonds she thought she was getting.

Frustrated the man gets up to leave saying, "My friends told me to stay away from you, you got crazy eyes." Then he confesses that he can't stay to watch a movie with her because she's not his only girlfriend and he has plans to meet up with another woman.

The next door neighbor calls 9-1-1 and police officer Athena (Angela Bassett) gets sent to investigate, putting her in danger.

Athena looks around and bonds with the girl, she doesn't find anything at first and leaves. The girl (guest star Megan Ferguson) then stabs her now ex-boyfriend to death with a cleaver.

Fans were quick to respond to the "crazy girlfriend" emergency.

Later in the episode Athena returns to the woman's house following another call, this time from here.

"Sergeant Athena, you came," Melora says to Athena before giving her a box of chocolate. The girl then spills wine all over Athena. When she goes to the bathroom to clean up, Athena notices blood in the shower. She inspects further since the girl is now nowhere to be found, she finds the girl's boyfriend's body. Athena is now a hostage.

Melora chopped her boyfriend up and super glued him back together.

"Well yeah, how would you have done it?" Melora says to Athena. The police officer then tries to reason with Melora telling her that she's sick.

"You're on so many drugs you don't know what you're doing," Athena says. Melora says there's nothing wrong with her she just has a broken heart. Athena warns the girl that the law can go easy on a woman scorned, but not on one who murders a cop.

Viewers then find out that Melora has also captured Ashley, the girl her boyfriend was supposed to go out with after her that night, she lured her to the house before Athena came back. Athena tries to appeal to her captor, but she is convinced she has to cut Athena's heart out.

Luckily, Athena breaks free before she can get cut into pieces and in the nick of time, saved by the third girlfriend of the deceased male who appeared at Melora's house after she was texted on their boyfriend's cellphone.


"Poor girl, all she wanted was to be loved," Athena said.

9-1-1 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.