'9-1-1' Character Crossing Over to 'Lone Star' Spinoff

9-1-1 ia back from its hiatus and will reunite with its spinoff 9-1-1: Lone Star in back-to-back time slots. In a special crossover episode, Angela Bassett will be pulling double duty as her character Sergeant Athena Grant will guest star as a first-responder on the spinoff series. The popular drama puts first responders and their personal lives on full display unlike ever before. The crossover episode is one the show's executives say is not one to miss.

"There's a thing called SWAT-ing, where somebody calls 9-1-1, and they send the police or usually a SWAT team to a house," showrunner Tim Minear told Variety, in regards to the crossover episode, as reported by Deadline. "It's a malicious prank, and gamers do it to each other. In California, people have died in these raids. So I always thought that would be a fun way to do a crossover because usually it's cross-state. So we have a story on 'Lone Star' where there is a SWAT-ing incident and somebody is killed, and Carlos (Rafael Silva) and Grace (Sierra McClain) feel personally affronted because they were used as weapons. They are trying to figure out where the SWAT-ing call came from, and they trace it to Los Angeles."

Bassett has been a leading lady on the FOX drama since the show's inaugural season. Ahead of its 5th season premiere, reports about her sizable pay bump ran rampant.

TV Line reports that Bassett earns "north of $450,000 an episode." She's now allegedly the highest-paid actress ever for an actress of color on a broadcast drama series.

In regards to her earnings on the show, Bassett opened up about negotiations and such in an interview with InStyle. "It's about knowing your worth and standing on it. Being in positions and places where your worth is appreciated is a good thing," she said. "I'm glad that it can influence others. There is a bit of me that's from a generation where we don't talk openly about things like that. But I understand what generation this is today."

Still, she says throughout her career, the work has been more paramount than a $1 million paycheck. "Everyone wants to keep the lights on," she noted. "but I've never been motivated solely by money or fame. For me, it's always and only been for the joy of following my dreams. That's what makes me feel alive."