This 'Feud' Star Screamed 'Damnit!' After Losing Emmy to Laura Dern

Most actors who don't win big at the award shows are fairly good losers, congratulating the winners with a smile and a clap. However, this wasn't the case for Jackie Hoffman.

The actress was up for supporting role in Feud: Bette and Joan, and ended up losing to Laura Dern of Big Little Lies. Hoffman did not take to the news very well, screaming "Dammit!" as Dern walked onto the stage.

Unfortunately, the negativity didn't stop there.

Hoffman took to Twitter to continue ranting about Dern's victory, and how she didn't believe it was one that she deserved. She first took to Dern's lineage.

Laura Dern is the child of actors Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd, and Hoffman claimed that the award was only given to her because she had parents in the industry. Hoffman added that she came from less fortunate circumstances.

To take things one radical step further, Hoffman then made some unsavory claims about Dern. Judging by her hashtag there at the end of the tweet though, it seems like she knew that the claim wasn't true. That doesn't really make it any better, Jackie.


It's understandable to be a little frustrated after losing an award that you worked so hard to win. But this was another level, and it made two things very clear.

1. Jackie Hoffman isn't a very good loser. 2. She clearly didn't watch Big Little Lies.